Sunday, July 28, 2013

An Update.

It has been about 7 months since I posted last.

The garden is actually doing reasonably well, when you take into account the many late frosts and the chemotherapy. I am putting some carpet scraps to excellent use, as I can smother out any grass that grew through the weed barrier. Of course, it does look tacky! The brown against the black weed barrier does not look BAD exactly, but it does not look good either. I also used the carpet scraps to protect the seedlings with fair results: I did have to replant several times! Our last average frost date is about April 7th, and we got 2 major blizzards in May!

I do have one row that I hand weed: I have some very good bush beans in that row, and 4 tomato plants. I am well content. We have picked and eaten perhaps 2 gallons of green beans.

I fell behind on spraying for cabbage worms, and my lovely kale has been shredded! So I have sprayed again, and the new leaves should be good. I use an organic insecticide soap, and it actually does pretty well when I use it!

The chickens are laying well. I hope that my elderly banty gets broody, as I would dearly love to have chicks.

By for now.