Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's Fall!

It is cold and rainy here! It was 70 when I got up and I went to the hardware store without a sweater: I *DO* know better this time of year! I half froze when I got out of the pickup! It was 45 degrees out when I got back with the pear tree that I got on sale: It cost just $15! I will have one of the kids plant it this weekend. The ground should be nice and soft after the rain.

I always go over my budget during the fall sales: This week I also got some half-priced daffodil bulbs. I got 250 bulbs for perhaps $20, and who can resist a deal like that??????? Most of them are yellow but about 1/5 of them are white. I have a weakness for that color scheme! Which is good because most of what was left was yellow. That is fine: as I have said I am very fond of the color scheme! I am VERY pleased!

The dog is sleeping next to me on the sofa on my sweater: he has spent most of the last 3 days outside but it is too cold and wet for him today! He does hate the rain!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Food is really expensive!

As a middle aged woman, I have ways to reduce my food bill. Not everybody can, and I think about paying full price and I shudder!

Every Tuesday bananas at my favorite store are on sale, and since I decided to shop today I bought a fair amount! And, because I have apples from my own tree I decided to make fruit salad tonight and so I bought a bag of little oranges: 3 pounds for $4! And, the peels were thick which means that the oranges were really quite SMALL!

The dish was affordable because I had the apples from the tree and the bananas were on sale: it would have been terribly expensive otherwise!

Speaking of apples, while I only put the best-looking apples in the fridge there is no guarentee that there will not be worms. in them: not every worm hole shows! Home raised apples are best sliced before eating! Of course that is no problem if making fruit salad as the apples are sliced anyways! But, that was not a problem today as the three apples that I cut up used showed no sign of having anything in them excepting good, healthy apple.

An apple still warm from the sun tastes far better than supermarket apples! Though, if you look at the BOTTOM of the supermarket apples they will soon reveal which are fresh and which are not! If the tendrils at the bottom, where the core is, are still green then the apple is VERY fresh! It will be juicy and aromatic! If, however, the tendrils are brown then it will be just another dull supermarket apple, possibly soft and mealy, and in my opinion better for cooking than for eating fresh!!!!!!!

I still have better than 5 pounds of apples from my tree: the fridge will keep them good for months but they will be eaten before too long. Last year I did not have apples on the trees because of a late frost, and so I bought a LOT! of apples from the supermarket at 88 cents  pound. I was lucky: some of those apples had totally green tendrils at the bottom of the core so I knew they had just been picked! I bought those, and they lasted us well into February. They were soft, of course, by then instead of crackling and juicy. They were still excellent for cooking, though! If properly stored apples will last for a very long time..