Thursday, October 10, 2013

I hear that the Congress has an approval rating of 5%!

They deserve it, too.

Seventeen years ago the government also shut down, and after the initial surprise it was business as usual for most of the citizens. If this goes not much longer we will all adapt and not think about it much, but in the short term a few people have been cut off from their needed medical care, some folks have no paycheck, and many folks are worried that the Congress will be stupid enough to default.  I do NOT think that they are that foolish, excepting for a niggling little suspicion every now and then. OK, I AM worried, even though I try not to!

Mostly I think that the Congress is playing "chicken" with the country. For them it is a game and a gamble, and the stakes they are playing with are too darned high!

The garden is still producing, for now. I plan to cover the Fall greens with a sheet of plastic, as we have been too busy to plant and cover the greenhouse. So, instead of having an unheated greenhouse to play around in, I will be folding back plastic to harvest. I think it is worth it: this month we got the garage cleaned out and the bathroom vanity in, and I have the paint and supplies to freshen up the bathroom walls. There was not enough time to do everything, an for right now not having a greenhouse to play in is a small sacrifice.

I might feel differently next spring, LOL!