Wednesday, April 4, 2012

They are coming today to give me an opinion of the floor.

Though it might take them a few days to let me know if I have done it well enough: the communication with the sales staff is good but the communication with the people who come out to give estimates is simply NOT! And, us hiring them is not guarenteed. We shall see!

As far as the garden goes, little and often! I watered what was up because we had 4-5 days of 90 degree or hotter weather, and I got some coleus seeds planted in a pot.

On the household front, I think it fairly obvious that my daughter will not be working for me much longer, as she is putting in fewer and fewer hours and calling in sick far too often. I have been encouraging her to put out her application for whatever job comes up. Because summer is almost here there really are several entry-level positions being advertized, and because she is a people person I think that she would be outstanding at them. She is falling into a rut, what with part time school and a job that she does not like, and life is too short for that.

She needs to get out there and do a job that challenges her: no woman who has barely turned 19 is excited by pushing a vacuum cleaner! Accept it, perhaps, but teenagers need more stimulation than that!!!!!!!!!!!