Thursday, October 10, 2013

I hear that the Congress has an approval rating of 5%!

They deserve it, too.

Seventeen years ago the government also shut down, and after the initial surprise it was business as usual for most of the citizens. If this goes not much longer we will all adapt and not think about it much, but in the short term a few people have been cut off from their needed medical care, some folks have no paycheck, and many folks are worried that the Congress will be stupid enough to default.  I do NOT think that they are that foolish, excepting for a niggling little suspicion every now and then. OK, I AM worried, even though I try not to!

Mostly I think that the Congress is playing "chicken" with the country. For them it is a game and a gamble, and the stakes they are playing with are too darned high!

The garden is still producing, for now. I plan to cover the Fall greens with a sheet of plastic, as we have been too busy to plant and cover the greenhouse. So, instead of having an unheated greenhouse to play around in, I will be folding back plastic to harvest. I think it is worth it: this month we got the garage cleaned out and the bathroom vanity in, and I have the paint and supplies to freshen up the bathroom walls. There was not enough time to do everything, an for right now not having a greenhouse to play in is a small sacrifice.

I might feel differently next spring, LOL!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Least said, soonest mended: my beloved daughter has moved out.

I would LIKE to say that she came home and said "Mom, I got an apartment", but it did not go down that way. Instead, a few months ago, she stopped taking her psych meds and she lied about it. She is pretty good at keeping things together for a few months, meds or no, but she cannot manage it forever.

She also started bad-mouthing us to anybody that would listen: of course we did not know about it!

So, she ended up in the hospital just over a week ago, and they put her back on psych meds. When she was discharged she went to stay with friends, who opened their door to her because, according to her, we are horrible people and we treat her horribly.

Now, I would blame her mood disorder, excepting that she is now stable and she has not taken anything she said back. Instead, at age 20, she has moved out and is staying with friends.

She *IS* 20, and I would not mind at all excepting for *HOW* she moved out.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I am going to be taking pills instead of shots.

The shots for multiple sclerosis are just not good enough any longer, so we will be trying other meds. They are PILLS! Yay!

But, things are not at ALL well here. My daughter is again in the hospital, which is not surprising as as near as I can figure she went off of her psych meds 4? months ago. She has been lying to me about it all this time.

She is blaming us for her problems and she has decided that she is not coming home when she is discharged: she has the social workers helping to get her into a place. She is saying horrible things to the staff about us-I think- and they are being terribly PROFFESIONAL and cold when I visit my daughter.

She is 20. If she wanted to leave then why didn't she just move out when she got her job?

Monday, August 12, 2013

I met my daughter's fiance's father yesterday!

It actually went VERY well: I really like him!

We were all nervous, of course, and so when the FiancĂ© and his Father went home at around 10 that night, my daughter acted out. First she scolded her brother for leaving the cupboard open,(how dare he, LOL!) and then went off to lodge a variety of complaints with her Father. My daughter, when she is anxious, really LIKES to complain about things, and since she was also meeting her intended FIL for the first time she had every RIGHT to be nervous! So she complained about this and that for almost an hour!

Sigh. Between the squabbling and meeting the gent for the first time I did NOT sleep well at ALL last night!!!!!!! It was midnight when I finally settled down, and then I had to get up at 5 because of all of the diet cokes that I had drunk while we were all getting acquainted!

This morning I picked 2 nice cucumbers and a tomato and a fistful of okra. The green beans need picking and so I will do it tomorrow, and I ate a fistful of blackberries. One of the two cabbages that survived our late spring blizzard has a head that is cracking and it really needs to be picked and eaten, and I see that the raccoons have already eaten THREE icebox watermelons and they were barely PINK inside! This is ominous: I might not get my fair share of watermelons this year!

My daughter picks fights when she is under stress: I wind down outside!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

An Update.

It has been about 7 months since I posted last.

The garden is actually doing reasonably well, when you take into account the many late frosts and the chemotherapy. I am putting some carpet scraps to excellent use, as I can smother out any grass that grew through the weed barrier. Of course, it does look tacky! The brown against the black weed barrier does not look BAD exactly, but it does not look good either. I also used the carpet scraps to protect the seedlings with fair results: I did have to replant several times! Our last average frost date is about April 7th, and we got 2 major blizzards in May!

I do have one row that I hand weed: I have some very good bush beans in that row, and 4 tomato plants. I am well content. We have picked and eaten perhaps 2 gallons of green beans.

I fell behind on spraying for cabbage worms, and my lovely kale has been shredded! So I have sprayed again, and the new leaves should be good. I use an organic insecticide soap, and it actually does pretty well when I use it!

The chickens are laying well. I hope that my elderly banty gets broody, as I would dearly love to have chicks.

By for now.


Monday, February 4, 2013

I have not been posting on my blog. I am sorry.

I have not been well. Not sick: not really, just not WELL

The brain fog has been really bad for the last few months. Among other things, that means that I feel stupid and not creative at ALL !

I have changed doctors, and the new neurologist ordered tests, which has been done. My NEXT appointment is not until March! So I have a ways to go. From out discussion at out last appointment, I excpect new meds.

I expect to pop into other folks blogs from time to time, but I think that I will not post here, or if I do I will not post much. I simply lack the mental energy.

I hope to come back in march, after new meds, with enthusiasm for my new garden