Friday, September 28, 2012

The summer heat has broken, and I am BUSY-BUSY-BUSY!

I am pretty much doing what I can outside, before the winter weather hits!

The new grass is up, and it might not ned watering any onger! I will watch the weather.

DS and I planted 8 peonys in the back yard, and we laid a strip of weed barrier down so that nobody has to keep it weeded. I planted a Barzilla (Yellow), Henry Sass (white), Shawnee Chief (red), Gay Paree ((2-toned pink), Katharine (white), and a pink and a white from a local nursery:I forget those names!

And, in the front yard we planted 2 small peonies called "Merry Sunshine" next to the mail box.

Also, DD burned the dead limbs this week, so now the yard will soon be tidy. She left a couple of charcol logs, which I will get to shortly.

AND, I saw a neater way to fasten weed barrier down with: the local nursery is using heavy metal stakes with washers! So today I bought 25 spikes with washers: soon the wood that I weigh te weed barrier down with will be back on the weed pile!

And, tomorrow we plan on putting the skin on the greenhouse.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

To live like you were dying.

No, I am *NOT* dying, but now might be the only time for the fun that DH and I had always planned on doing. We had a pretty good time, just the two of us,  before we adopted the kids and we always figured on having fun when they had moved out also.

So, I tagged along when DH was sent to a conferance in California. We ate out in restaurants, and when the conferance was over we went to Disneyland and then we drove up the coast. A hotel with a view of Morro rock, Clam chowder on a deck overlooking the beach...... it was fun! DH says he does not want to go back to work!

Meanwhile, the kids were dealing with life without Mom to help. The cat got bit and so DD took him in to the vets and they treated him, DD then got sick, and so forth. Since they are 18 and 19 this might have been  a good dry run for adulthood.

Speaking of adulthood, DD is working fewer hours for me, is only taking one college class, and has not turned in a job application in weeks that I know of. Now that we are back from the trip, I have given her *DIRE WARNINGS* of charging her $35 a week room and board if she does not get a job. She is 19: she does not get to kick back! She has a car to save up for, an apartment to pick out, and an adult life to live. She does not get to act like a kid!

And, lastly, I am having an MS day. Every now and then the MS flares up and BITES be, and it is doing so today! I had been meaning to give gluten-free, milk- free, and egg-free a try: perhaps today is when I should do it. Half of the anti-inflamatory diet is eating more greens and the other hald is cutting out the above foods: I have done the adding foods part-seaweed and all- perhaps now would be the time to stop eating the foods that I am not supposed to be eating.