Sunday, September 1, 2013

Least said, soonest mended: my beloved daughter has moved out.

I would LIKE to say that she came home and said "Mom, I got an apartment", but it did not go down that way. Instead, a few months ago, she stopped taking her psych meds and she lied about it. She is pretty good at keeping things together for a few months, meds or no, but she cannot manage it forever.

She also started bad-mouthing us to anybody that would listen: of course we did not know about it!

So, she ended up in the hospital just over a week ago, and they put her back on psych meds. When she was discharged she went to stay with friends, who opened their door to her because, according to her, we are horrible people and we treat her horribly.

Now, I would blame her mood disorder, excepting that she is now stable and she has not taken anything she said back. Instead, at age 20, she has moved out and is staying with friends.

She *IS* 20, and I would not mind at all excepting for *HOW* she moved out.

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