Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Wahl's MS diet did not work well for me.

Oh, I did get SOME benefit, but it appeared to be mostly from the Kale. I have no idea why the kale should help me but it does!

Well, it was worth it because now I know to eat kale every day.

A lot of people have reported wonderfull results in reducing their MS, and I wish them well! People report leaving their wheelchairs and canes behind! But, I think it is time for me to set the Wahl's diet aside and do more on-line research for new things to try.

What *HAS* helped my MS is kale, L-carnitine, and capsules of turmeric and cumin. (cumin is the spice that makes like chili taste like chili, and you can get either spice in any grocery store). I get the empty capsules on-line.


On the GREAT side, my daughter has gotten a job at Ace hardware! She starts on Monday!


  1. The program director of the department I worked for at a college was diagnosed with MS. When she quit using some artificial sweetener (forgot which one), her MS went away. Of course, she just had symptoms of MS.

    How does kale and the other items help your MS?

  2. Linda, that you for thinking of me! Alas, I have already tried avoiding sweetener.

    L-carnitine gets rid of the grinding fatigue that is one of the symptoms, and I can walk and stand for longer.

    Turmeric and cumin apparently help my body replace the fatty covering over the neurons? At any rate, the numbness and weakness retreat when I take them. I am also much less spastic. Unfortunately, now either one will irritate my divestive tract so I cannot take it like I did.

    Lastly, the kale seems to make my bladder less spastic. Everything simply works better!